Why we love YA stories

There are few periods in a person’s life that we romanticize more through the nostalgic (some would say myopic) lens of memory, than puberty.

Remember how many times your – then – friends disappointed you? How you got laughed at in the face for liking a boy band? Or how that boy you were madly in love with, ignored you for most of highschool? Me too.

But I also remember how many times I laughed during class at a silly joke one of my friends said. How I danced to pop songs that made me inexplicably happy despite their inappropriate sexual innuendos. How I felt when my monumental crush actually looked at me for the first time and uttered my name. There is a reason we like to remember and relive those moments of brazen innocence: the magic of first experiences.

There is no pain, like the pain that bruises your heart for the first time. No song that matches the melody of your most carefree summers. No party, like the party where you had your first kiss. Nothing compares to the world as experienced through the eyes of a teen ready to grab life by the throat and own it: The potential, the heartache, the wide-eyed idealism, the defiant rebellion.

The writers of The Seven Deadly Sins Anthology, celebrate and pay tribute to the emotional and mental turmoil that is being a teenager. After all …”it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

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