Our stories: The Hazel Crayon, Good intentions & Masterpiece

The eBook for the Anthology will be available to preorder soon. Until then you can check our website for a taste of what each of our stories is about. Today we present you with the first three.

The Hazel Crayon by Wendy White Lees

A headstrong young girl’s attempt to prove her oddball classmate is a pirate results in a playground wedding, and a friendship that sails smoothly through adolescence, but is knocked off course in high school.

Good Intentions by Michael Donoghue

A bored 16-year-old boy who has every genetic enhancement his mom can buy, sees a news story about plastic garbage building up in the Pacific Ocean. Proud of his abilities, he decides to engineer a solution. Unfortunately his good intentions lead to more than what he’d initially hoped for.

sailboat 2

Masterpiece by J. C. Davis

Avery is convinced she’s the best artist in her high school and she doesn’t need awards or her teacher’s praise to prove that fact. Unfortunately, her arch-rival Nora isn’t convinced and has come up with a plan to bring Avery down a notch or two. When Nora’s prank leads to Avery’s latest masterpiece being ruined, and a shocking revelation about the hot new guy in their art class, everything Avery believes comes crashing down.

Check back in tomorrow to read the synopses of our next two stories: Quitter by Day Jamison and Summer Rains by E.N. Loizis.

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