Cover reveal – Sloth Volume

Fitting the theme of our second Volume, Sloth, we have neglected to update our blog with news on the upcoming issue for far too long. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any to share: Our minions have been working day and night to find the stories for the second Volume of our Anthology. After many hours searching for the right mix of horror, romance, supernatural, humor and realistic fiction, we are proud to say that the second Volume will soon be released as an ebook and a paperback via Amazon and Barnes and Noble (you may start dancing now).

To top it all, we have asked our favorite artist, Luke Spooner a.k.a. Carrion House to do the cover and couldn’t be more excited about the end result. To celebrate our 100th Facebook page like, and because we cannot freaking wait to show the world, here is the cover for you to oggle. Ready?

Sloth, Seven Deadly SinsFourteen writers, some you may already know from the Pride Issue, others new to our little love project, have written fourteen amazing stories inspired by probably one of the most common sins we all daily commit, a.k.a. the little hairy, smelly animal from Ice Age: Sloth.

Check out our blog in the days to come for more news on the stories, or like our Facebook Page to get updates!

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