Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology – Envy available as an eBook and paperback on Amazon

It is out, it is loaded and it is shiny!

The third volume in the SDS series is finally here, with sixteen stories that will satisfy all tastes. You can buy it on Amazon as an eBook or a paperback.


Petrolhead by Teresa Bassett

Although Josh’s family is better off than Ricky’s, the two boys have always been the best of friends, linked by their joint passion for cars. Josh can talk to Ricky about anything. All except the things that really matter, like the way he feels about Louise. As resentments bubble beneath the surface, an unexpected windfall sets the three of them on a fateful course.

What’s Yours is Mine by P.R. Blackburn

An anxious young man with a troubled past seizes the life he always wanted. As he prepares for an evening of dinner with the girl of his dreams, the opportunity to show her how perfect his life has become is all that matters anymore. But beneath the crushing pressure of perfection, can he continue to suppress the memories of a hellish childhood?

Between Stars by Embe Charpentier

As stars twinkle above, Stella shines below. Though she finds her envy of others’ lives corrupts her, the eventual insight into the depth and breadth of life’s boundless experience serves her well.

Caveman Carnage by Guy Cheston

Gron accepts his simple life – hunt, eat, mate, sleep. Occasionally, bathe. His tribe acknowledges him as the alpha. He is content.  That is, until he visits another tribe and discovers there are those who have more than he does. When the tribe asks for his help in fighting a one-eyed man, he agrees.  But will his envy over their possessions lead him to make enemies of his new friends?

Mike by Marko Davidovic

Friendship can be a fickle thing at times. Going into high school, Sanjay is desperately attempting to find his identity as the only brown-skinned kid in a virtually all-white town. To him, one-time friend Mike represents everything he doesn’t want to be identified with in high school; he’s weird, obnoxious, and socially awkward. Mike, however, sees a good friend in him. This annoys Sanjay, but as he struggles to find his own place among his peers, he’s soon forced to evaluate who his real friends are.

I Wish by Joana Hill

Alice has always felt like she lived in the shadow of her older sister Mandy- she’s smart, beautiful, and easily gets things when Alice has to struggle.  But Mandy doesn’t feel the same way and wants to repair their relationship- with a magical genie, of all things.  Suddenly, Alice is forced to confront her own feelings, and decide whether it’s worth it to hold on to them, or forgive and forget.

Wind and Rain by Tamara Linden

“Many a song has been written for me and that lying, murderous wretch who was once my kin. She wasn’t my sister, mind. Even Isobel wouldn’t stoop so low as that, or so I believed back when I counted my years of misery in decades rather than centuries. I comfort myself with the knowledge that she has surely been burning in hell for her sins nearly as long as I have been bound here by my own grief.”

German Cuisine by E.N. Loizis

Dysfunctional families come in many shapes and sizes—Alex and Fiona have learned to deal with their own by leaning on each other and eating copious amounts of home-made food. When Alex leaves to find happiness away from home, how will Fiona be able to cope with being on her own?

Amb-Rose by Tonia Markou

Rob Cooper is handsome, athletic and popular, but most importantly, unrivaled — until his new neighbor Ambrose arrives at school. Rob won’t stand around and let the new kid overthrow him, so he does everything he can to make Ambrose’s life miserable. When his scheming backfires and terrible rumors about Ambrose’s family spread around school, Rob learns the hard way that nobody’s perfect, especially not himself.

The Angel by Yvette O’Kay

Envy is something undestroyable, an idea in the manifestation of a human form. Love isn’t something that comes easily or often. Unfortunately as it happens with so many others, the woman of his affections fell prey to betrayal and heartbreak. So the only question remaining is, what would you do if you were an almost all powerful being and someone took away the person you loved?

The Limits of [an] Olive [Branch] by Blake Parker

When Sebastian Evans—with his gorgeous grey eyes and exquisite cheekbones—asks Olive out for a date, she’s ecstatic. Finally(!) things are going right for her.

Well, until Olive hears the nasty rumour that’s flying around school. It’s 100% untrue and 100% percent about Olive. Suddenly, Olive finds herself all alone as the whole school turns on her. She’s not even sure if Sebastian believes the lies. Will she let herself to be overwrought with negative feelings or will she fight this battle one day at a time?

Only as Directed by John Rickett

Emily’s teeth look like bits of drywall, jammed into pink Play-doh. Nothing like Jesse’s bright, wide smile. And since Dad and Mom won’t pay for braces, when Em stumbles upon a Google ad for Dentate, promising fast-results at a fraction of the cost of braces and whitening treatments, she dumps her meager savings into what she hopes is miracle treatment.

The Selkie by Shannon Leigh Rivera

Don’t go to land and don’t trust the humans—this is the most important selkie rule. Only Niamh, driven to away by her cruel mother, doesn’t see why she shouldn’t trust them. Curious and full of desire, she is lured into the human world and swept up in her youthful passions. Will she prove her people wrong or will she learn the hard way that envy leads a fool to ruin?

Guardians by K.T. Stephens

Seventeen-year-old Derek Ramsey is a born leader and quarterback of his high school football team, the Warriors. Along with the other teens of his tribe, he attends two Seeker gatherings every year, solely to be granted a vision that will disclose his animal guardian. Unfortunately, this is Derek’s tenth, and last, Seeker week. If the god Binder doesn’t grant him a guardian, he’ll not only be expelled from the clan, but there’s no way Tara will accept his marriage proposal. As the Great Reveal grows closer, can Derek let go of his anger and accept his fate?

Valedictorian, Smaledictorian by M.J. Travis

Although Maria is valedictorian of her graduating class, when she is around pretty, popular Caitlin, she turns into a bumbling toddler. With only three weeks left until commencement, and still no ideas about what to write for her speech, Maria overhears a conversation that leaves her questioning everything she believed to be true about herself and her own insecurities.

The Envelope by Luke Winters

Sebastian Shaw is at home minding his six-year-old son when the postman arrives with a plain white envelope. What is inside will change everything about Shaw’s life: who he is, what he does, and his entire place in the world. Shaw knows how powerful the contents are, but is he ready to open it?









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