Volume 1 – Pride

Fun facts about our authors along with some (more or less) embarassing photos from their teen years.

Wendy White Lees (The Hazel Crayon)

green teen Wendy_kleinWendy White Lees was voted “Most Likely to be a Writer” by her 3rd grade class, which really made her mad because she was gunning for movie star. Though she never appeared in a single film, not even as an extra, Wendy became a professional copywriter and started her own company, Write Words Communications in 2014. Her fiction has appeared in Everyday Flash Fiction, Free Flash FictionFifty Word Stories, and has been rejected by many others. Wendy lives outside of NYC with her husband, two daughters and their English Setter, Annie, who eats everything except her dog food. Follow her on Twitter @writewordwit.

 Michael Donoghue (Good Intentions)

kVEPcWcfSA2tgOpRz9Za__DSC0765_1_kleinMichael Donoghue mostly lives in his head, but resides in Vancouver, Canada. His stories have appeared in various anthologies including Fernwood’s “Everything Is So Political”, and sci-fi magazines such as Abyss & Apex, as well literary journals such as FreeFall. Michael works in healthcare, where he spends much of his time preoccupied with hand washing.

J.C. Davis (Masterpiece)

Jenn Racek_youngJ.C. Davis has been in love with books since she was old enough to start chewing on the covers. She’s since seen the error of her ways and spends her spare time reading books rather than drooling on them. A programmer by day, Mrs. Racek writes YA fiction, the occasional short story and has far too many hobbies to keep up with. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, two kids and a hedgehog named Percy Jackson. Mrs. Racek’s short stories have appeared in Spark: A Creative Anthology and Writing Tomorrow magazine. You can find her at: www.jcdavis-author.com

Day Jamison (Quitter)

day jamisonDay Jamison reads and writes YA and speculative fiction in the Provo Valley at the foot of Mt. Timpanogas. She is a freelance copy editor with Lawrence & Jamison Editing Services and a first reader at Fantasy Scroll Magazine. Her work appeared in the first volume of freeze frame fiction.

E.N. Loizis (Summer rains)

2014-06-21 14.35.24_kleinerE.N. Loizis is a 30-something Greek writer, trapped inside the body of a technical translator who lives in Germany. She writes poems, flash fiction and short stories, while pretending to work on her first novel. Some of her stories have been published or are forthcoming from freeze frame fiction, Stupefying Stories, and Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things. She enjoys breathing, eating, and sleeping. You can find her at: www.enloizis.com

K.T. Stephens (Balancing Act)

Katie Stephens_2_kleinK.T. Stephens writes YA and children’s books and is especially enamored of anything having to do with the circus. Her story, “Balancing Act,” appears in Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology, Volume 1: Pride. K.T.’s young adult stories tend to be multi-generational, as she loves to explore the past and how it relates to the present. Her adult persona, Katie Stephens, has numerous literary and romance publications, the most recent through Mélange Publishing. Although her grown children are scattered east and west across the country, she lives solidly in mid-America with two kitties and a husband who keeps asking when she’s really going to retire. You can find her at: www.standardishue.com

Eliza Archer (Seeing Better)

14553101524_4dee3979a5Elizabeth Archer lives in Texas and dreams of other places and other worlds. She writes poetry, fiction and too many novels. Her current passion is fairy tales. She has been published in a variety of places, including the SDS first edition, Pride. You can find her at: www.elizaarcher.com

 Anita Russo (Great-Great Aunty Edna)

IMG_1132Anita Russo is a full-time nurse, spare-time writer, and every-minute-of-the-day dreamer from Auckland, New Zealand. Great-Great Aunty Edna, is her first published piece. Her influences include John Green, J.K. Rowling, Dr. Seuss, and many more. When she’s not nursing, writing, or dreaming, Anita is travelling the world, people watching, and seeking out things that capture her imagination.

Teresa Bassett (A Mother’s Pride)


Teresa Bassett is a writer from Cornwall’s ‘clay country’, UK. She has written stories and articles for numerous magazines and anthologies, including  Seven Deadly Sins Volume 1: Pride. Her debut novel ‘The Time Crystals’ is under contract for publication soon. A graduate of the University of Bath, she has worked as a foreign tour guide, translator and teacher. Her favourite times are spent ‘up on the Downs’, exploring Cornwall with husband Mark and rescued greyhound Jinty. Find out more at: www.teresabassett.co.uk

 Alisia Faust (A wish from the Fountain)

Alisia began writing when she was between jobs with too much time on her hands. Now she’s juggling work and three different writing projects with no time on her hands. She is primarily a flash fiction writer, partially because it caters to her ever shortening attention span. Her stories have been published in Fifty Word Stories, 100 Worlds: Lightning-Quick SF and Fantasy Tales anthology, Apocrypha and Abstractions, SpeckLit, and Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology, Volume 1: Pride. You can find her at: www.eurasianflavour.wordpress.com, or follow her on Twitter @eurasianflavour

Sylvia Heike (In The Name of Art and Love)

Sylvia Heike lives in Finland. When not writing, she enjoys hare spotting in the garden and long walks in the forest. Her stories have appeared in freeze frame fiction, Luna Station Quarterly, Molotov Cocktail, and other publications. Find out more at: www.sylviaheike.com or or say hello on Twitter: @sylviaheike

Willow Becker (Commando)

Willow Becker has been writing non-fiction for over 10 years. While her articles and stories have been published widely online, this is her first fiction publication. She is currently working on a series of flash fiction audio pieces and a musical adaptation of The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. She also regularly shares hilarious, partially-nude stories on her blog www.weirdlittlewords.com

 S. Sadedin (The Tasmanian Girl)

S. Sadedin is an evolutionary biologist who writes too much. Her favorite poet is Piet Hein. Most of her writing is about obscure science topics, such as why pregnancy is a war, and the horrifying truth behind menstruation. As a teenager she planned to save the world. (She still does. But don’t tell the adults, they’ll revoke her grown-up license.)