Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology – Sloth available as an eBook and paperback on Amazon

It’s that time of year again! The time to run around dressed as a firefigher, a superhero, a supervillain, Walter White, Frankenstein’s monster, a zombie or (for the weirdos out there) a princess, demanding people to hand over their candy or be tricked until they surrender, muahahahaha!

It’s also the time of year to finally get your hands on the Sloth Volume of the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology! Today marks the release of the second book in our series. You can at last download —or for the dinosaurs amongst us— buy a copy made out of processed wood (!) of another marvelous collection of short stories. See below what’s in store for you if you do decide to read some great fiction along with helping children read more.

Sloth Stories

The Locker Monster by Elizabeth Archer

Mom always told you to clean up, or you’d regret it. But how bad could your locker get? Two girls find out it could get much stranger than they ever expected. . .

Tangled Threads by Teresa Bassett  

Art student Raine loves her boyfriend, but his lazy ways drive her crazy. When her self-portrait is included in an art exhibition, her relationship also comes under scrutiny.

David and the Devil by RL Black

David Wheeler takes the lazy way out of a school assignment, and pays the ultimate price.

Puzzled by Embe Charpentier

An obsession with puzzles isn’t unusual. But for either Jolene or Priscilla, solving their mutual mystery may lead to murder – or living death.

Regrets and Reflections by Alisia Faust

Too focused on her blossoming sexuality, Briana ignores her family’s attempt to contact her. By the time they reach her, it’s already too late. . .

Natural Enemies by Sylvia Heike

Zombies aren’t the only thing wanting to eat you in the woods, but no one believes a teenager.

Five Definitions of Sloth, With Examples by Rae Kennedy

When her foster mother requests a written task, Maisie takes the opportunity to write a letter to the authorities that will reveal years of neglect, abuse and alcoholism. The question is: will they believe her?

Micro-motivity by Chris Kennedy 

Greg forgoes college to run the Youth Hostel his stepfather owns. He cooks for the guests and even has a time schedule to get everything done, so what is the problem with his stepfather?

Eternal Life by Yvette O’Kay

What if that feeling of laziness wasn’t just a feeling after all? What if it was someone or something prompting you to do those things?

the truth by Blake Parker

Olivia seems like the average teenager – indolent and unmotivated. But someone knows the real truth.

One More Level by John Rickett

As Josh’s bond with the game World of Dragons strengthens, his bond with his mother—and his own reality—is threatened.

Earth Ethics 5~Ö: Sloth by Kathy Steinemann

In a time that could be the future—or now—aliens learn about a deadly human sin known as sloth.

Treasures by K.T. Stephens 

When Jay is forced to complete community service, he finds much more than yard work: an old man with a strange story, a treasure hunt involving his father and a foreigner who has been searching for peace for over sixty years. But the biggest surprise is yet to come.

By Birth Alone by M.J. Travis

Brian may be a born athlete, but will his lack of responsibility and feelings of entitlement cause the defeat of not only himself, but also his team?

Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology – Pride available as an eBook and paperback on Amazon and B&N

We are very happy to announce the official publication of the Pride Volume of Seven Deadly Sins, a YA Anthology as an eBook and a paperback!

cover_amazonYou can now buy the eBook for just .99 cents or order the paperback for 9 EUR, 6.05 GBP or 8.99 USD depending on where you live.

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All proceeds go to the charity FirstBook.

If you read and enjoy the Anthology, we’d love to hear from you on Goodreads or Amazon. Our writers survive on words of support from readers across the globe and generous amounts of coffee 🙂

Our stories: Great-Grat Aunty Edna & A Mother’s Pride

Great-Great Aunty Edna by Anita Russo

There is nothing more that Amber wants than to show off her beach-body and all-year tan in front of steamy Aaron Wilkinson. However, her mother has different plans for Amber’s day ­– cleaning Great-Great Aunty Edna’s revolting, hovel of a house. Amongst the mouse poo, dust mites, and mould, Amber’s pride takes an unexpected reality check.

A Mother’s Pride by Teresa Bassett

Shy Ruth can’t believe her luck when she is befriended by popular student Laura Mortoe. Laura appears to have it all: brains, beauty, and parents who dote on her. Before long, however, Ruth glimpses her new friend’s darker side. When the Mortoe family take both girls on a weekend trip to the coast, Laura’s behaviour spirals out of control—with tragic consequences.